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By Casmudi

              Tumble down  of  Government of the New Orde (Soeharto President) in 1998 and changed by Government  of The Reformation Orde expected give changing of society economyc level. Almost 15 years of the Reformation Orde and nation leaders changed until fourth President Soesilo Bambang Yudoyono, the society prosperity also get up yet. A lot of kinds idea from several realm, exactly more program from Government along The Reformation Orde  have contact with  society desire, but condition of the society economyc until present not found   satisfaction level. The requestion  appeared are why that things happened  and what the cautions? So simple of requestions, but  asnwering need the deeper analytic from Indonesia Government.
            The problems fighted  Indonesia repeatedly. From the effort of survey one of national privat televition station, founded 10 big problems of Indonesia, such as: 1. Economyc stabilitaty problem ; 2. Corruption; 3. Pooring; 4. Fuel management; 5. Education system; 6. Joblessness; 7. The high  food prices; 8. Nature disaster ; 9. Starvation and food crysis; and 10. Leaderships crysis.[1] That problems  make Indonesia developments  moved in the spot, even  retreat to the back. Nothing effective solutions to solve national problems which make Indonesia more and more act of despising by other nations, like cultures claim’s chases by  nation of Jiran (Malaysia) happened repeatedly. Very pity, the respon of Indonesia Government like slowly moving and unexplicit.
             Factly, Indonesia Government can’t solved the multidimency problems on the present. The cautions are basest on the starting point of self Government. The present problems are faced by Indonesia Government in serious condition. Therefore, it need the  controversial or extraordinary actions. Just belive, our Government in present powered like  employers believed to lead a coorporation or  hold on top position in their hands. Logically, if  the government power while  1-2 years ungived the contributions of changing to the significanly changing, better MPR (The People Deliberation Committee) released SP (The Letter of Recall) in order to give the input for the President as Executive Institution can work better for 1 year later. If nothing to the best  prosperity changing  again, then the best solutions to solve that problems are need The Specially Session of  MPR (The People Deliberation Committee) with agenda about making The Interim Government  or Special Government  which  that Government  gived  powerfull by MPR (The People Deliberation Committee) to solve the problems of Indonesia in short time like along 2-3 years.[2]
            The Interim Government gived powerfull to reorganize totally the multidimency  nation problems. The first duty, very urgent to the fast solving for politic problems. Like  conflict problems in several region. If the permited and dissolved become time of bomb and can float to the surface of region grudging and the broken of nation ending. No shock, if this problems dissolved good, can creeped to  disintegration of nation. Of course, we wan’t in stealing like the releasing of Timor Timur from Indonesia, although the probe of idea sounded by United of Nations (UN) and majority the populations of Timor Timur are wanted to release from NKRI (The State Unity of The Republic of Indonesia). The Special right of  DI (Special Region) of Yogyakarta problem, flying of flag’s GAM (The Aceh Freedom Movement) in DI (Special Region) of  Aceh, flying of flag’s  morning star (kejora) in Papua are solved with smart solving and  directly. Fortunely,  the special right  DI (Special Region) of Yogyakarta problem solved good and directly because sound of crumpling paper from the society of  DI (Special Region) of Yogyakarta in self. The happening of flying of flag  in the region are flavoured with desire of freedom must to solved with politic approaches  or  ahead of the nation importance without appear the victims.   
             The military (TNI/The National Indonesian Army and POLRI/The Police Of The Republic of  Indonesia)  as frontest guard for the Indonesia safety. The Interim Government due located the military on the really position (noble position) and totally released from politic activity or the rotation of power and bussiness. The Military are jump down in the domain politic can caused disfunction of the safety nation and followed in the actor to power controlling. The effect, politic playing are flavoured with the military or  abuse the power happened repeatedly. Like the New Orde, the closing of military can quieted the society in outing of ideas and dependent of expression.
            The government power dominated by the military are enheritance of the New Orde.  Therefore,  urgent things are The Interim Government  capable to scraped finished of   enheritance power of the New Orde. The New Orde still leave behind the power can disturbed and caused the multidimency crysis in the present. So, that problems managed in actions simultanly, absolutely and unbargained again if all of nation component  want a better Indonesia in the future. The Interim Government  explicitedly to fight  henchmans of the New Orde, because directly the leaderships style, souls, and attitudes in management of Government are still in the present Government. The New Government seriously filled by the new leader figures and independently from effect of the New Orde also believed by massas as honest personal, explicit, brave in action, acuntable, mandate, and the first in team work also responsible in leaderships. The solutions must be fast and focused in actions.
            The next problems must to clean up by The Interim Government are technic and  economyc problems. First step, The Interim Government reorganize judicial system problems  are unside in the everlasting reality . The law enforcement are the first. The cleaning of  the law enforcement’s persons  totally from judicial system’s crimes and the law enforcement’s  persons are worked without feather of sighting from MA (The Great Court of Justice), Jaksa Agung (The Great of Public Prosecutor), until the basest law enforcement’s persons (The  Region Government) must be destroyed until the root level. The Indonesia society fill the comfort and believe in the law enforcement of Indonesia running in the reality. Nothing filling of worry  played in the law. The law running are sharp up and sharp down in the corridor of law decided.
            If judicial system are solved excellently, then the next second steps are reorganize the economyc system, national  finance and banking system.  Economyc system are adhered  in the economyc society. The economyc prosperity  are the first purpose. The national  finance arranged in the track covered input and output of APBN (The National Expenses Budgeting). The increasing of taxation targeted  to add input of APBN (The National Expenses Budgeting). The output of APBN (The National Expenses Budgeting) followed the balancing principle between  the Centre importance and the Region importance. The posts demanded to increase of the society living level have a good point than the else posts.
                The Banking system arranged again to fited mechanism in order to unappear the high inflation and investation of climate in Indonesia are increased. The bending of cooperations in Indonesia increased  by the good policy. This things are purposed in order to be cooperations stay become “soko guru” (economyc base) in Indonesia. The banking should helped Indonesia society to enterpreneur with soft credits and long time in developed their bussiness. Third steps, The Interim Government reorganize corporations  system totally. Like the working of BUMN (The State Trading corporations) rearranged. BUMN (The State Trading corporations) are trully to help Indonesia development in increasing of the society prosperity. The Merger atau likuidation solutions for BUMN (The State Trading  corporations) which can’t operated as the good corporations (loss operation). Conglomerations arranged with fix rules in order to  unappear monopolize actions from  conglomerates which  destroyed else corporations  in grow. The bussiness competition’s climate  must be on the track and mutual profits. This purposes to avoid  high jealous from small enterpreneurs to conglomerates. Necessary, conglomerates decided with high taxation and constanly (no arrears).
            The management system of bussiness arranged by UU (the rules) in order to give a contributions for the society prosperity. The export arrangement undifficulty and free tax increased in order to be society will developed the multifunction bussiness. The  terms of corporations building  are followed the rules, domestic or PMA (The Foreign Investation Capitals)  arranged in the rules and unside profits. The controlling of industrialists and workers also arranged in the rules by independent and believed institutions. So, the industrial relations between industrialists and workers are gived best impacts. For examples, outsourcing programs dissapeared, giving UMR (The Regional Minimum Fees) adjusted with workers live capability  and present live standard  in respectively regions. Therefore, we sure “May Day” demonstration unhappen again.
            The last step or fourth, The Interim Government  reorganized the government  system. The Interim Government  reformed of bereucracy totally from Center level until Province or Resident level, even until  political district administrered by the lurah level. Main purposes are bending of  Good Governance  loved by society. The institutions of beureucracy  are seriously from  Center level until Province or Resident level  unshowed good service quality.  Money politic happened repeatedly to get instant without obstacling. Beureucracy persons received no from capability, skillful, good track record and the right man on the right place. On the contrary friendships system,collegas, and family (KKN/ Collusion, Corruption and Nepotism). Overlapping duties still happened. The last, Indonesia like salaried wrapper or  joblessness. Very height for output of APBN (The National Expenses Budgeting). The corruptions from Centre level until Provinces or Regions level, even until political district administrered by the lurah level  act no half and choise cutting. This actions are the last  from The Interim Government  reorganize Indonesia problems to the future.  
            If  the problems  are analized in 2-3 years, next operationals are the Interim Government make the programs of the society economyc for all Regions, especially investation climate  still minimum  for economyc’s spread evenly and unfootholded only in big cities such as Jakarta, Medan, Surabaya, Bandung, Semarang or Bali. Small cities, like the cities at the border of Indonesia-Malaysia, Papua, and else cities untouched by development  must presented the dense work’s  programs or investation projects. Slowly, this projects pulled investation desires from local industrialist or foreign and worked locally society. The society consumer capacity be up and  the society prosperity level increased. Else effects, prevent the high urbanisations locally society to big cities. If this actions continuely for else small cities caused the high  and smooth  GNP (Gross National Products) in Indonesia.  Indonesia society don’t to think of consumer capability. The last, focused for development technologies, because it’s okey expenses.
            From the up analizations, get pulled conclusions, that become a better Indonesia are easy and need the strong willing from all nation components, especially theirself Government. Now, society always showed with the society economyc programs but factly don’t   changed  the society prosperity for 15 years (The Reformasi Orde) because there are wrong procedures  did by Government. The effective actions are MPR (The People Deliberation Committee) brave to take actions like The Extraordinary Session with agenda bending The Interim Government or Special Government responsible reorganized the great duties, such as: 1. Reorganize politic; dan  2. Reorganize technic and economyc.  Reorganize politic problems are: 1. Reorganize region conflicts like Aceh and Papua; 2. Relocation military (TNI and POLRI) on the noble site  (frontest guard for nation safety), no politic and business; 3.  Brave and explicit to destroy the New Orde power in the present government and  caused  the  continuely intruding and multidimency crysis. While, technic and economyc problems reorganized by the Interim Government are: 1. Reorganize judicial system worked untrully; 2. Reconstruct economyc problems, finance and banking are caused high inflation and decline increasing the society  consumer capability; 3. Reconstruct corporations system which relevan with reorganize  of  BUMN, conglomerations, business management and else; and 4.  Reform of beureucracy the government problems from the Centre level until Provinces or Regions level to bend Good Governance loved by society. The consumer capability and the society prosperity are increased. All of that solvings for a better Indonesia.

              Accessed May 19th, 2013.
              Accessed May 19th, 2013.

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