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Realizing Big Dreams


Big dreams
Same as big dreams, everyone can fly to realize their dreams (Source: private document)



Four years ago, I was crowned Champion I in the Start Up Fresh Ideas competition. I and 4 other members had to prepare a prototype for an application called PARKIR BERSAMA. And, in the next 3 months, my team and I will present the prototype in an incubation event. Where, my fresh ideas and the team have a big chance of getting funding. And, get an office for operations.

I am very excited to be an actor in digital technology. As the leader of a Start Up fresh idea project, I regularly consolidate my team. Unfortunately, during the incubation event, my team did not get accurate information. So, the next incubation process fell to another team.

Disappointed? Certain. Because, I have a big dream to have a company in digital technology. To get rid of disappointment, I came up with the idea of ​​returning to a Start Up idea with the BLOGGER PRO brand. I have registered the trademark at the Directorate General of Rights and Intellectual Property (IPR). However, the idea has stagnated due to funding problems.

Will my dream stop here? Certainly not. A big dream must be realized. There is a wise sentence that says, "dream as high as the sky, until other people laugh at your dream". And, my dream about the idea of ​​a Start Up is always getting laughter from other people. They all said that it would be difficult for me to realize the idea.

I have more than 10 years working experience in a managerial position. I often motivate the team about the importance of big dreams. Yes, everyone must have big dreams. Never be afraid to make your dreams come true. For me, that dream is like a goal that must be realized.

You remember the Wright Brothers success story, right? If the Wright Brothers does not have big dreams. So, until now, you will never see a helicopter flying high.

I understand that the development of digital technology is unstoppable. Any information can be obtained at the touch of a finger (touchscreen). I have been pursuing the digital world since 2013, more than 5 years. I started by creating a personal blog and writing for the online media Kompasiana. Since 2013, I understand that the digital world provides a lot of information.

I started making official accounts on various social networks, from Facebook to Youtube. A few weeks ago, I created an TikTok official account. I understand that branding in the digital world is very important. I began to be known by many influencers or bloggers in the archipelago, especially Jakarta.

I got a lot of jobs to do campaigns or product branding from various large companies. Both for offline and online campaigns. Several years ago, I became known as KOL (Key Opinion Leader), because I helped the campaign of a large provider.

Not only that, I became known as the Event Coordinator in the Bali region. If, there is a brand from outside Bali, a brand want to hold an event in Bali. And, It wanted to invite the KOLs, so I was trusted to be the coordinator. There is a saying in the blogger world, "if you want to hold an event in Bali, please call Mr. Casmudi. Then, you will not be disappointed ”.

My proud achievement in the digital world was when he became the event coordinator of the MPR RI event in Bali. I was challenged to bring in at least 50 bloggers. Alhamdulillah, this challenge can be done. In fact, I was able to invite more than 70 bloggers to attend this cool event.

What makes me trustworthy to tackle a project? I'm trying to be honest, what can I do. I say yes if it's true, and I say no if it's wrong. I always prioritize teamwork to make a big dream come true. For me, a big dream cannot be realized alone, but together.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, the majority of my offline work was canceled. Become a offline speaker has been postponed, without further information. Really, I miss executing a big project.

I am 46 years old. However, more than 5 years, I have worked with the millennial generation. This makes my soul always look young and energetic. I have a principle that to achieve big dreams, there is no age. The most important thing is execution. Take real action to make a big dream come true.

So, with more than 5 years of working experience in digital technology, I must be make my big dreams come true. Feelings of disappointment and the process of failure make valuable lessons. Makes me even stronger to try again. Because, I have the opinion that I have to fulfill a big dream that other people laugh it.

I have big hopes, I believe, working with the team will make all challenges easy.


Writed by. Casmudi, S.AP

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